Kaikorai Valley College has five core values that encompasses the culture of our school. Together they form the basis of the PRIDE (Whahape he peha) values system. 

P - Participation in academic, sporting and cultural interests

R - Respect for self, others and the environment

- Inquiry both in teaching and learning

D - Diversity in the cultural, international, special needs, gifted and talented aspects of school life

E - Environment, school buildings, grounds, stream, local environment and global issues

pride draw

These characteristics / core values underpin all that we do at Kaikorai Valley College and are embedded in the culture of the school.

 The school is part of a Ministry of Education initiative called Positive Behaviour for Learning.

This initiative has allowed us to look really hard at how we engage with students in the classroom, in other out of class activities including extra-curricular activities, and around the school campus.

In 2015 we introduced PRIDE cards and a PRIDE cup which provides a positive way for us to reward these values.

The PRIDE draw involves the drawing of names from a machine we have called “Mana” and the awarding of some excellent prizes.