The importance of participation in sport, especially in light of concerns nationally about the deteriorating fitness of young people, is a priority at Kaikorai Valley College. Staff and parents, along with some senior students, continue to give time and energy to providing coaching and supervision for a wide range of individual and team sports at all levels of the school. Pride in being competitive and fair play are important messages given to Kaikorai Valley College students. The school has excellent sporting facilities with extensive sports grounds, hardcourt areas for netball and tennis and a second well equipped gymnasium which hosts indoor teams and individual sports. There is ongoing acknowledgment of success for those who have achieved representative status at provincial and in some cases, national level, in a wide range of sports.

Sports that students are involved in include:

  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Cross Country
  • Curling
  • Equestrian
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Ice Hockey
  • Judo
  • Mini-ball
  • Mini-volley
  • Netball
  • Petanque
  • Rip Rugby
  • Rugby
  • Sailing
  • Smallbore Rifle Shooting
  • Softball
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Touch Rugby
  • Petanque
  • Touch Rugby
  • Volleyball
  • Water-polo

Sports Co-ordinator:

Theresa Johnson
cell:  027-543-4251

Kaikorai Valley College has adopted the Otago Secondary School Sports’ Association Codes of Behaviour.

This code does not set out to provide a detailed prescription, but rather the broad principles of acceptable behaviour in secondary school sport.

Breaches of this or any other code could lead to disciplinary action by: the offender’s school, OSSSA under its complaint procedure, or Regional Sports’ Organisations.


  • Play for enjoyment.
  • Play hard but fair.
  • Play to the laws of the game.
  • Be committed to your team. Attend all practices and matches.
  • Never argue with officials. Control your temper at all times.
  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team.
  • Be a good sport. Applaud all good play whether by your team or your opponent.
  • Remember the goals of the game are to have fun, improve your skills and feel good.
  • Use appropriate and acceptable language.


  • Applaud the performance of both teams.
  • Be positive with the officials.
  • Acknowledge the efforts of the officials.
  • Let the players play their game, not your game.
  • Praise efforts, not results.
  • Set an example for the players.
  • Use appropriate and acceptable language.


  • Positively reinforce the actions of players.
  • Lead by example.
  • Be honest with yourself and players.
  • Create an enjoyable environment in which to play the game.
  • Develop team respect for officials.
  • Give all players the opportunity to participate in the game.
  • Insist on fairplay and discipline.
  • Be reasonable on the demand on players’ in time, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Encourage sportsmanship.
  • Use appropriate and acceptable language.


  • Encourage all participants to play within the rules of the game.
  • Display self-control on the sideline.
  • Show appreciation to coaches and officials who facilitate the game.
  • Remember young people play sport for their satisfaction not yours.

2021 Winter Sports Contract

2021:  Terms 2 and 3 Winter Sports Information



Please contact Theresa Johnson, Sports Coordinator
c: 027 543 4251

If you would like to make a booking for the Kaikorai Valley College Gymnasium please contact Brian Lee, Executive Officer, on 453 6035 ext 807, or email

Growing coaches is a leadership programme for secondary school students who want to coach sport at schools (secondary, primary, intermediate) or clubs. At Kaikorai Valley College we offer the Growing Coaches Programme as part of our Year 12 Activities Programme.


The programme consists of eight hours of learning about coaching, including sport-specific and self-directed learning from a chosen sport, and Fifteen hours of coaching experience – coaching other young people.

We work with our Contributing Primary schools on Tuesday afternoons to provide specific Sport Coaching, organising lunchtime games and general movement skills. We have been working with Balaclava, Bradford, Concord, Halfway Bush and Mornington schools over the last five years. Our students also work with our Year 7 & 8 students and many coach Kaikorai Valley Sports teams.

The Growing Coaches Programme teaches valuable leadership and organisational skills, improves the ability of our students to communicate with younger students and adults. It also enables them to become involved in helping out the School by using their coaching knowledge and experiences to help our younger students achieve their sporting potential. Many of our student leaders have developed their skills by participating in the Growing Coaches Programme.

Students receive a Sport New Zealand qualification after successfully completing the Programme which is a valuable addition for their CV’s. A Level 2 NCEA assessment can also be completed using the experience and theory learned through the Growing Coaches Programme.

A recent development that has evolved from the Growing Coaches Programme is the involvement of these students in helping coach and run our very successful Sports Expos. Over 900 students are involved in the Expo where they get to experience eight of the thirty four activities offered. The Growing Coaches students get to work alongside experienced coaches and sports development officers, gain experience and help set up the Expo equipment.

Over the past two years we have also worked with Sport Otago who have developed their own Coaching Programme called ‘Coaches in Schools’. We offer this alongside the Growing Coaches Programme. Sport Otago provide a facilitator for the practical coaching instruction sessions and have also developed on-line learning modules that our students complete. This has been a very positive development for our students and has led to a more in depth understanding of the theory of Coaching and development of a personal coaching philosophy.

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