Application & Enrolment

At Kaikorai Valley College we welcome applications all year round. This application pack  will provide all that you need to get the process underway.

This application package includes

  • Visa information
  • How to apply
  • Application requirements
  • General information about the school
  • Tuition agreement
  • Our expectations of students and our responsibility for families

If there is any further information you need or questions you would like answered please do not hesitate to contact us. You may also find answers to your questions on the FAQ page.

Tuition Fees  $13,500  $14,000
Homestay Fees  $11,500  $11,960
Curriculum Expenses  $800  $800
Administration Fee  $400  $400
Uniform  $1000  $1000
Comprehensive Insurance  $580  $580
Examination Fee  $385  $385
Total $28,170 NZD $29,130 NZD