While academic studies will always retain a very high priority, we appreciate and understand that we have a responsibility to ensure students are active participants in “a range of life contexts” (NZ Curriculum).

At Kaikorai Valley College we place a high value on educating the “whole” person, providing experiences that develop skills for adulthood. This certainly takes place in the classroom but also happens in the many different opportunities we offer.

We believe in “Opportunity and Success for ALL.” Sometimes we are asked, “What does this mean?” At our school we want to ensure students have the opportunity to pursue their interests, not only in the classroom, but also on the sports field, on stage, in performance or whatever that passion might be. We do not say you have to reach a particular standard first. If you want to be in the school production we will find a spot for you. If you want play volleyball, we will make up a team so that you can. If you want to be a part of a band, we will try to make that happen.

The pages in the menu bar on this page describe just some of the opportunities available at KVC and we suggest you explore these to find what interests you.