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FeesGST exclusiveGST inclusive
Secondary Education Fees from 1 February 2015  
Domestic student entry for all NCEA standards $66.70 per year $76.70 per year
Domestic student entry for a Scholarship subject $26.08 per subject $30.00 per subject
International student entry to NCEA standards $333.30 per year $383.30 per year
International student entry to Scholarship subjects $88.87 per subject $102.20 per subject

New Zealand Scholarship Fees

Please be reminded that a fee of $30 (GST incl.) per subject will now be charged for entry into New Zealand Scholarship. The $76.70 NCEA assessment fee no longer covers entry to any New Zealand Scholarship subject. International students will continue to pay the full fee of $102.20 (GST incl.) per Scholarship subject entered. An updated fee schedule is now available.

The Assessment (including Examination) Rules for Schools with Consent to Assess have been updated to reflect this change. It is important that students are made aware of the fee associated with entry and that only candidates with a genuine intention to sit New Zealand Scholarship are entered. Candidates who have not paid the fee will not be eligible for a New Zealand Scholarship Award.