Kaikorai Valley College values its superb natural park-like setting that includes Kaikorai Stream. Each year the College sets a curriculum goal to focus action towards meeting our environmental commitments and kaupapa as an Enviroschool. Our students are increasingly taking the lead to make decisions for enhancing our environment. Kaikorai Valley College is ideal if you:

  • Value science.
  • Have an interest in the environment.
  • Wish to prepare for sustainable living.
  • Enjoy being part of outreach activities.
  • Networking with neighbouring schools.

The school strives to utilise its splendid natural setting as a context for student learning. That learning raises awareness of our global responsibilities investigating local issues and responding with local action. An Enviroschool since 2010, Kaikorai Valley College has built on its long history of active citizenship by embedding environment and sustainability themes in student learning. An important aspect of those themes is in seeking out partnership projects with our community.

We have now set our eyes on an innovative future for our students and community as we develop an Urban Farm on the grounds of the school. This project embraces Science and Technology in Innovative Agriculture, and is in part student driven, encompassing many career pathways in the Primary Industries. The development of students’ critical think skills and attitudes is an integrated aspect of their enquiry learning. Our project themes are collaboration, food resilience, the farm as an ecosystem (animals, plants, soils, water) energy, wastes and business. Join us as we continue to develop this project in the years ahead.

Listen to the positive feedback we received from Hekia Parata in her recent Blog after her visit to Kaikorai Valley College.

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