The international office at Kaikorai Valley College is open from 8.00 to 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday. Students are able to come to the office at any time during these hours for assistance with finances, homestay, insurance, visa and immigration questions, or extending their stay. To contact the office please call (+64 3) 453 6035.

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Any questions regarding their studies can be directed to the International Dean, Ms Skelton. Students, families and agents can also contact the school by email using the details below.

Introducing the staff in the International Department 

One of the differences at Kaikorai Valley College is that we have eight staff with dedicated responsibilities in the international department. They are:

kvc rick geerlofs2

Rick Geerlofs, Principal, Marketing Europe

kvc robyn skelton

Robyn Skelton, Marketing – Thailand, Vietnam, Korea
International Dean, ESOL Teacher

kvc barbara charters

Barbara Chartres, Marketing – China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Head of ESOL Teacher

kvc rod stewart

Rod Stewart, Director of International Programme, Marketing - Japan
Head of Japanese

kvc brenda clark

Brenda Clark
Homestay Coordinator Administration Officer

kvc jenny mcbeth

Jenny McBeath
Teacher Aide

kvc jan day

Jan Day

kvc liz james

Liz James
Teacher Aide