Introducing the Staff at Kaikorai Valley College

As mentioned, our international department is very experienced and will be able to answer any questions you have.  Please get in touch if there is anything you would like to know by clicking on the email addresses..  

kvc rod stewart

The first point of contact is most likely the Director of our International Programme, Mr Rod Stewart.  

Rod Stewart, Director of International Programme, Marketing - Europe & Japan

 kvc robyn skelton

Robyn Skelton, Marketing - Thailand, Vietnam, Korea

International Dean, ESOL Teacher

Ms Skelton also is our International Dean and has oversight of the pastoral care of our international students.  Robyn will also be the person who is coursing (choosing subjects) students when they first arrive.

 kvc barbara charters

Barbara Chartres, Marketing - China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Head of ESOL Teacher

Ms Chartres is the Head of ESOL (English as a second language).  She, along with Ms Skelton will be the person delivering ESOL classes to students.

kvc brenda clark

Brenda Clark

Homestay Coordinator Administration Officer

Brenda is our homestay coordinator and is most likely to be at the airport welcoming students to Dunedin.  She is responsible for organising homestay and dealing with any issues that arise in the home during your stay.


 kvc jenny mcbethkvc liz james

Mrs Jenny McBeath and Mrs Liz James

Teacher Aides

Both Mrs McBeath and Mrs James support students with their learning in ESOL and other mainstream classes during the day.  This is a real strength of Kaikorai Valley College and is not often found in other schools.

 kvc jan day

Mrs Jan Day - School Office

If, after they have started at Kaikorai Valley College, students have questions to do with finances, homestay, insurance, visa and immigration questions, or extending their stay they can come across to the student office between the hours of 8.15am to 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday.  To contact the office by phone please call (+64 3) 453 6035.

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