Urban Farm

Our Farm is all about learning differently. We want to challenge mind-sets about how education can happen for our young people; and how humans interact with the environment. Our learning is focused on Science and Technology in Sustainable Agriculture. However, we also apply a broader cross-curricula approach wherever possible.

We want students to have opportunities to learn in a more applied and collaborative way to help build understanding and mutual respect and self-worth. Part of what we are trying to do links to others - in strengthening community resilience to grow food; building networking partnerships for mutual support across the education sector; creating foundation to careers opportunities and to help bridge the divide between rural and urban communities. Inclusion of all types and ages of learners is part of who we are as people and as a school.

Examples of activities we have now are centred around raised beds for growing food, plant propagation and maintenance of native and apple and pear trees, chickens, bees, the physical and chemical properties of soils, water quality and runoff, sugars in food, use of Geographical Information Systems, predator monitoring, and building projects. In addition, we have larger animals (such as lambs) onsite, from time to time, to learn about animal care, life cycles and genetics.

In establishing these activities, we strive to use sustainable materials and local sources of expertise and resourcing wherever possible. Follow us as we try to challenge mind-sets about education.

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