Our School

In order to be an effective teacher, who makes an impact on a young person’s life, teachers need to foster a culture built around relationships and learning. Without these, the best intentions in the world will not bring about improved learning… To get the best from their students, teachers need to foster the values of empathy, caring and respect. 

Welcome to Kaikorai Valley College (KVC) and thank you for taking the time to explore. We are incredibly proud of our school and everything it stands for.

KVC is a medium sized (500) Year 7 – 13 co-educational State Secondary School, situated in a beautiful park-like setting on the west side of Dunedin City. We have a reputation for providing a SAFE learning environment where students receive a high quality education. Unusual for an urban city school, Kaikorai Valley College offers continued education for the ages of 10 to 18 (Year 7 - 13).

We believe a co-educational environment reflects the world around us, providing students with the opportunity to develop into self-confident young adults who are happy to share ideas and opinions in any situation. We also believe strongly in self responsibility, expecting clear standards of behavior, with comprehensive structures in place for student support.

We promote excellence in all facets of life, whether it is academic, cultural or sporting. Teachers are dedicated to maximising the opportunities for students, hence our catch phrase of “Opportunity and Success for all”.

Our aim at Kaikorai Valley College is to give the young people of our community the very best start in life in an environment that is “Big enough to Challenge, but small enough to care”.

Please continue to explore the site and if you would like to look around the school, discuss any aspects of what we offer, or how we might meet your needs, please do make contact and I will be very happy to meet with you.

 Rick Geerlofs

Rick Geerlofs