Social Science

‘The social sciences learning area is about how societies work and how people can participate as critical, active, informed, and responsible citizens.’ (The New Zealand Curriculum, 2007).


Achievement objectives for Social Studies at levels 4-5 integrate concepts from one or more of four conceptual strands. Learning based on the level 4-5 Social Studies achievement objectives, establishes a foundation for the separate Social Science disciplines offered in the senior secondary school. Contexts are drawn from the past, present and future and from places within and beyond New Zealand. 

Students explore the unique bi-cultural nature of New Zealand society that derives from the Treaty of Waitangi. They learn about people, places, cultures, histories and the economic world, within and beyond New Zealand. They develop understandings about how societies are organised and function and how the ways in which people and communities responses are shaped by different perspectives, values and viewpoints. As they explore how others see themselves, students clarify their own identities in relation to their particular heritages and contexts.


Many people think of finding places on a map when they think of Geography. While the use of maps is still very important, there are a range of other skills and tools geographers use to interpret the world around them. Geography students learn about environmental, physical and human issues such as how different environments are formed and changed over time and how people use the spaces they live in. 

Geography graduates are becoming increasingly valuable to employers due to the range of skills they possess. At Kaikorai Valley College, we try to foster a sense of curiosity about the world we live in. We learn about relevant issues such as sustaining our environment and how we interact with our school and local area. 


History students will learn how past events are connected to our lives today and how this understanding can help guide our decision making in the present. History prepares students for the future. It equips them with knowledge and skills that are valuable and useful throughout life.