English as a Second Language (ESOL)

The ESOL programme is designed for students who use English as their second language. The students are grouped according to their ability level, from Foundation English to University Entrance preparation.  Eight hours of ESOL classes a week are offered and these small classes of no more than 10 students.  International students with a very high level of English are encouraged to do mainstream English.

Why study ESOL

The ESOL programme caters for students who need extra support to develop their skills for mainstream classes.  There is an intensive focus on grammar and vocabulary development for a range of contexts.  Small classes allow for plenty of one-to-one teaching, so the teacher and students can work on individual needs.


All levels have a genre based programme and students learn written and oral language through various topics chosen for engagement and interest.  The topics can be about history, society, science, environment, culture art, and human interest.

Senior students and NCEA

Students in the senior school will sit assessments for NCEA in levels 1 to 3.  These are a combination of ESOL, mainstream English and English Level 2 for gaining entrance to university.

Junior students

For students in Years 7-10, all areas of English are covered to build a range of skills and develop confidence to write and speak English.