In 2010 the Board, staff, students, whanau and community, developed five characteristics or core values that encompasses the culture we are developing at the school. During 2013-14 these values were revisited and significant work was done with the student body to promote:

P - Participation in academic, sporting and cultural interests; the attitude of “giving things a go”

R - Respect for self, others and the environment

I  - Inquiry both in teaching and learning

D - Diversity in the cultural, international, special needs, gifted and talented aspects of school life

E - Environment, school buildings, grounds, stream, local environment and global issues

These characteristics/ core values underpin all that we do at Kaikorai Valley College and are embedded in the culture of the school.

For the past 5 years the school has been part of a Ministry of Education initiative called Positive Behaviour Learning. This initiative has allowed us as a school to look really hard at how we manage students in the classroom, in other out of class activities including extra-curricular activities, or around the school campus. In 2015 we introduced PRIDE cards and a PRIDE cup which provides a way for us to reward these values in a positive way that students are very happy to engage in. This includes the drawing of names from a machine we have called “Mana” and the awarding of some excellent prizes.