to Kaikorai Valley College, a traditional Year 7 to 13 co-educational school with a very proud reputation of hosting international students from countries all over the world. Currently we have between 40 - 50 full time internationals, representing approximately 9% of the school roll.

ようこそ! Bem-vindo!  Haere mai!  ยินดีต้อนรับ!   Willkommen!   ¡Bienvenido!   مرحبا! 환영합니다!   Bienvenue!   欢迎!  Добро пожаловать!   Benvenuto!   Witamy!   歡迎! Hoşgeldiniz!  Selmat Datang!  Hoan Nghênh! 

Students come to New Zealand for many different reasons. At Kaikorai Valley College we are able to cater for the very wide variety of needs. Some students come for academic purposes, while others come to experience the outdoors and the many opportunities we offer that they may not get to experience back home.

Students can come for only a few weeks, while others may stay up to five years and then go on to tertiary education. At Kaikorai Valley College we place no limitations on the length of time you come for, or the date that you begin your studies, you can arrive at any time of the year. However, we do promise that you will have some amazing experiences that will be life changing and you will return home with a much broader view of the world.


All about Kaikorai Valley College in Chinese


We have excellent
facilities including:

  • Dedicated suite for international students.
  • ESOL Classrooms.
  • Computer suite.
  • Graphic design suites.
  • Science, chemistry and physics laboratories.
  • Music rooms.
  • Library.
  • Specialist technology rooms.
  • Gymnasiums and extensive sports grounds.