House System

Back in the days of Kaikorai Valley High School (prior to 1996) a house system existed with four houses competing in friendly competition in a wide range of activities. This house system petered out in the late ….. In 2015 a new house system was introduced to the College at the request of the students.

This house system is rapidly gaining momentum and sees students actively seeking ways in which to earn points for their houses and a healthy, yet competitive spirit. Some examples of this are: a house day at the beginning of the year, the schools athletic sports, the Sports expo, workday, many quizzes and competitions, debating, speeches, haka competition, house chants and many more.

When first entering the school a student is allocated to a house and remains in this house for the duration of their time at KVC. This is done in a way to ensure a balance of numbers. The houses are called: Kowhai (yellow), Matai (green), Rata (red), Totora (blue) each signifiying native trees from NZ. Each house also has a colour and students are often encouraged to dress in house colours when competing. Staff are likewise allocated to houses and a head student represents each house.

Students are also able to gain points for their houses through the schools values system. When they display the school values teacher are able to award them a PRIDE card which then allows them to go into a draw for prizes in assemblies, but also earns points for their house.

Each term the PRIDE cup is awarded to the house with the highest number of PRIDE cards for that term. These points, along with all the competition points then are pooled together for the overall supreme winner for the year and this sees the house being awarded a shield in the senior end of year prize giving, a keenly awaited announcement!