Guidance Counsellor

Everyone has difficult experiences or feelings at some point in their lives, and it isn't always easy or useful to try to deal with them alone. At times like this it can help to talk with our Guidance Counsellor who provides a confidential and safe counselling service for our students.

Possible reasons to see a counsellor:

  • Feeling down
  • Family problems
  • Struggling with school
  • Stress
  • Anxiety and worries  
  • Feeling bullied  
  • Feeling alone, lost or isolated
  • Needing help to express anger safely
  • Wanting to talk about friendships and relationships
  • Gender and sexuality issues
  • Having experienced a death or signficant loss  
  • Feeling unsafe
  • Difficult life events, trauma, abuse 
  • Something just doesn’t feel right and you’re not sure why
  • Wanting to make some changes, set goals and find new ways of doing things.

What happens in counselling?

When you visit the Guidance Counsellor you will be invited to talk about whatever your concern is. If you prefer you can draw or write to share your story. You will be listened to sensitively, respectfully and without judgment or blame. Together we can explore your problem and gain a deeper understanding of the situation. You may decide to make some changes, try some new things or come up with a different solution. Often just by being able talk about problems and be really listened to people start to feel better.

Students decide how long they would like to see the counsellor for and when to finish. Sometimes a couple of sessions is enough, and other times we may work together for much longer. Students are welcome to return should they require support at a later date.

How to make an appointment:

  • To self-refer students need to fill in an appointment slip and pop it in the box outside my office.
  • Alternatively, students may speak with their teacher or Dean and ask to be referred to the Guidance Counsellor.
  • Parents, caregivers and whānau are welcome to make an appointment, or contact me by phone or email if they have concerns about their child.

I am avalialble from Monday to Thursday.

Leigh Gillespie 2

Leigh Gillespie 
Guidance Counsellor 

DDI 03 453 1606
M 027 561 6268

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